Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Sep 23, 2016

How to use Moodle in the English Classroom

Coming soon! Have you got access to Moodle Mashov in your school? Oh,
you do! Great! I wish to invite you to join a very convenient, very cheap (and
easy to pay for this time), fully online workshop IN ENGLISH for teachers of
English in Israel. Regardless of where you live and work in Israel, provided
you can use Moodle Mashov at school, you will be able to join the workshop and
make the most of it. When you complete all the assignments (there is work to do
on the workshop, for sure) you will be entitled to a GMUL (The workshop meets
the demands of both Ofek Hadash and Oz Latmura). "How to use Moodle in the
English Classroom" has been developed and will be facilitated by an English
teacher (yes, it's me) who has been working in the Israeli School System since
1989 (Well, I am not a little kid any more). Expect news soon (unless the
unexpected happens, of course). Will I "see you" on Pisga Holon's
Moodle Platform? Mind you: There are NO Face-to-Face meetings. Detailed
information will be provided soon. 
Please note: There is no point in joining, and blocking other people's
entrance, if you do not have access to a Moodle Platform (We cannot, and do
not) provide you with one).
See you!

Aug 31, 2016

Eduardo Lina's English Courses and Corkshops

Shared with my pupils so that they start with a laugh, and hopefully start working on their English.Oh! I can't get rid of the word "Corkshops", whatever that means.


Aug 26, 2016

En esta presentación en Google (Google Slides) adjunto detalles relacionados con esa idea rara de "otro curso más en Moodle". Pero no es un curso en el que noosotros (docentes de ELE en Israel) debamos presentar nuestros trabajos, sino que por nuestro intermedio nuestros estudiantes presenten los suyos. Su público serán docentes y estdiantes de ELE de todo Israel (y tal vaz se nos sumen de otros lares). Se trata de un curso diferente, es decir uno por mdio del cuál podremos enseñar ELE de otra manera", es decir, una menos tradicional. Podremos pedirles a nuestros estdiantes que sean activos en clase, que presenten trabajos de otra manera (herramientas de Google mediante - es la chance para colegas de aprender a usarlas con sus estudiantes. Podremos también evaluarlos de otra manera, que se expresen en español de otra manera, sean creativos , etc. Y si hay entre nosotros quienes quieren aportar actividades, envíanme las mismas y las subo a la plataforma. Es un curso colaborativo. Sabemos como empezamos, pero no adónde nos llevará. Es un riesgo, claro, pero vale el esfuerzo.

Aug 16, 2016

Flipped Classroom: How to write a paragraph

If I am lucky enough to convince "The Powers that Be", I may this year develop and facilitate a fully online workshop called "How to use Digital Tools in the English Classroom" (to be sure, I hope to give another "How to use Moodle in the English Classroom" fully online workshop, too).

The following video is just one example of how you can collaborate with a teacher (and one I do not know at all, and can't find to say "Thank you") to create a product that maybe used in many ways. It seems that I have had the Power Point Presentation for quite some time, but never went back to it after downloading it.

I have chosen to present it (and the contents) in the framework of "The Flipped Classroom". I will upload it to a course Moodle Platform.