Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Aug 16, 2017

מטיילים בספרדית בכיתות הגמלאים בקוגל

 Este año lectivo, además de la enseñanza de Inglés en Yud, Yud Alef. y Yud Bet, y de español en Yud Bet, comienzor un curso nuevo en dos clases de pensionistas / jubilados que estudian en el Kugel
Comenzamos en Septiembre
El curso combina la enseñanza y el aprendizaje usando muchas y variadas herramientas digitales. ¿Y qué se enseñará y aprenderá a gusto? Acerca de España y América Latina, vocabulario esencial, recetas (¡comer!) de España y América Latina, lmúsica y baile ... Simplemente a divertirse, ¡y mucho español!. Se adjunta aquí un vídeo que permite un vistazo a algunos de los contenidos del curso. Sobre el proyecto: hacemás de tres décadas que hay por lo menos un aula de pensionistas en la escuela secundaria Kugel. Los pensionistas vienen dos veces por semana a la escuela y aprendencon los mejores maestros de escuela (bueno, espero no arruinar nada), y enriquecen su mundo

This school year, in addition to teaching English in Yud (10th grade), Yud Aleph (11th grade). And Yud Bet (12th grade), and  Spanish in Yud Bet (12th grade), I will be teaching a new course in two classes of pensioners / retirees at Kugel
We will start in September
The course combines teaching and learning using many different digital tools. And what will be taught and learned at ease? About Spain and Latin America, essential vocabulary, recipes (eating!) from Spain and Latin America, music and dance ... Just to have fun, and of  much of all this in Spanish!. Attached here is a video that allows a glimpse into some of the contents of the course. About the project: For over three decades there has been at least one pensioner class in Kugel High School. Pensioners come twice a week to school and learn from the best schoolteachers (well, I hope I do not ruin anything), and enrich their world

לימודים בשנ"ל תשע"ח - השנה, בנוסף להוראת אנגלית בשכבות י', י"א וי"ב, וספרדית בשכבת י"ב, אני פותוח "קורס חדש" בשתי כיתות הגמלאים בחט"ע קוגל: מטיילים בספרדית"
בספטמבר יוצאים לדרך!
הקורס ישלב הוראה ולמידה באמצעות כלים דיגיטליים רבים ומגוונים.
ומה לומדים בכייף? אודות ספרד ומדינות אמריקה הלטינית, אוצר מילים הכרחי, מתכונים (אוכל) מספרד ואמריקה הלטינית, מוזיקה וריקודים
ועד… רק בכייף והרבה בספרדית!. מצ"ב סרטון המאפשר מבט אל מקצת תכני הקורס. על הפרויקט: מזה למעלה משלושה עשורים פועלת בבית ספר תיכון קוגל כיתת גמלאים. הגמלאים מגיעים פעמיים בשבוע לביה"ס ולומדים עם מיטב מורי התיכון (אני מקווה לא לקלקל), המעשירים את עולמם בתחום הידע שלהם.

Aug 7, 2017

EFL Performance Task using Digital Tools on Moodle

A glimpse of the Performance Task on Moodle that I created while I was taking part in an amazing Ministry of Education and Open University workshop (June 27 - July 13' 2017). There will be a 3-day follow up at Shlomi in September, and I have enrolled. I do not know where and how it fits in the EFL program in Israel since our 30% is on Literature. I hope to use it with my pupils anyway.

Aug 1, 2017

August 2017 Moodle Podcast - Stuart Mealor has talked with me. Link to the recording

I would like to say that I am honored to  have been interviewed by Stuart Mealor and be the guest in the August 2017 Moodle Podcast. (:This month we chat with Eduardo Lina, a Moodle enthusiast and language teacher in Israel.”)


Jun 24, 2017

Lookin out for partners in an ewinning project

I am trying to get in touch with teachers who live and work in countries other than Israel) to participate in aneTwinning project. I have in mind something smilar to what I did with teachers from Spain a few years ago. It doesn't have to be using Facebook, though

Jun 21, 2017

A "Moodle course in the making"

The attached video shows yet another course that can easily be created using Moodle. This "Moodle course in the making" is part of the work done in the framework of yet another "Learn Moodle" awesome workshop (you can join that course if you want to). My point is to help teachers of English in israel see the advantages of using Moodle for Blended Learning at school. As a matter of fact, I believe the Ministry of education, which in many ways is "going Moodle" , could try to go a step further and provide schools in israel with access to their own Moodle Platform. Moodle is Open Source and does not belong to private companies. That makes it appropriate to be used in State / Public Education.

Apr 4, 2017

The Passion Project on Moodle

My 10th grade 5 points pupils will be getting the "Passion Project" ready during and after the Pesach break. As could not be otherwise, I am using Moodle for Blended Learning. You can get a glimpse into what we are doing on this short video. Moodle is much more than just a cool digital tool